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2018: Travel, New Additions and More

2018 has been off to a great start for Primitive Designs!

In January through March, Ron, Rhonda and Max were travelling and exploring new designs and creations for our gallery!

Stopping briefly in Thailand to grab new mannequins, jewelry and amazing accessories, they hopped over to Bali, Java and Sumatra to load five 40ft high top containers worth of new stock for us to bring in a new WOW factor to the gallery!

In Bali there was a festival! Shown in a video on our Recent Updates page are amazing creations which we would call Floats for our parades in Canada. For their religious ceremonies the Balinese are very particular, extravagant and full of love and respect. It is always an amazing experience to be a part of these celebrations.

In May, Ron and Rhonda returned to Belize to check on progress with Little Stars - the islands preschool with whom we have been focusing our charity work with help of Rotary. Things are coming along beautifully, with a lovely and safe yard, bathroom, teaching area and so much more. We received so many great photos - including a friendly pod of dolphins that decided to tag along for a boat ride!

With their return to Canada and the gallery, we received Ron, Rhonda and Max's newest giant sculpture designs made from recycled motor vehicle parts! A HUGE 3 headed dragon (standing over 26ft high and 30ft wide) is planted in the middle of our new courtyard. A metal throne fit for a King (or Queen) sits in a prestigious setting ready for photo ops! A new style of Bumblebee, standing over 3.3m tall, a giant 20ft long crocodile and even a Rhino (which has been riding around in the back of the PD truck)

We have a lot more in store for the 2018 season! Stay tuned for more updates and follow us on Facebook for live streams and updates!

We'll see you soon!


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