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Little Stars in Belize!

When you pull into Primitive Designs, you're automatically greeted by our Big Robots. Optimus, standing over 23ft high, and our two T-Rex's (designed after the famous skeleton Sue) standing on guard and ready for photos! Inside, you meet the Droid and Megatron! What do they all have in common besides a sense of wonder, creativity and fun? ... They all have donation bins ready to accept any contributions you're able to offer!

But where do the donations go?

For over 2 years, Primitive Designs collected donations from the Big Robots for our local Canadian Fire Fighter's Museum. The only one of it's kind, located in downtown Port Hope and in dire need of funding for a new building. Your contributions helped raise over $5,000 for the CFFM and we continue to support them!

In 2016 Rhonda and Ron continued work on a personal project in Caye Caulker, Belize - a place that is near and dear to their family's heart. The project is called Little Stars and it is to support the only affordable pre-school on the island. The principal is a single parent who often covers expenses out of pocket for the pre-school, and it is severely underfunded - meaning that they do not have money to cover daily expenses, and that often students go without daily necessities like food or water. The money raised for the project has been covering renovations on the bathroom, playground, interior, water systems and more - making it a beautiful staple piece on the island and bringing attention to much needed action in the area.

This project is on going and moving along nicely! Next time you visit us you can feel free to ask how things are going at the school! We love to talk about it, and if you have the chance to leave a donation it is much appreciated. Caye Caulker - and Belize itself - are beautiful places to visit, and home to beautiful people.

Primitive Designs, more specifically Ron, Rhonda and Max, give 110% of themselves into any charity, activity, community involvement or project they come in contact with. Over my 11 years of employment it has always amazed me at how much they're willing to give, how hard they're willing to work and how much they're willing to share (whether it's knowledge or material) with the people they meet. I am so excited to see the school again soon!

Please enjoy some photos below

Until next time,


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