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Welcome to Primitive Designs!

Primitive Designs | Tourist Attraction | Port Hope Ont

"Thank you for calling Primitive Designs!"

This has been my staple exclamation over the last 11 years in being with Primitive Designs. And I mean it. Thank you. Thank you for calling, thank you for visiting, thank you for interacting, and thank you for following us on our journey.

I'm Michelle, and I'm the manager at Primitive Designs in Port Hope, Ontario.

Recently, I took to our most interactive form of social media, Facebook, and posed a question to our community:

What is it you'd like to see to keep us all engaged together?

The result was a resounding "TRIP STORIES!" from owner's Ron Dacey, Rhonda Cook and their son Maximus. By trip stories, we mean recollections of adventures, current initiatives, and buying trips the family goes on.

Ron, Rhonda and Max travel to over 7 different countries; hand purchasing, designing, and shipping products directly from artisans in the villages they visit. In many cases they've been dealing with the same families for over 25 years.

This blog is going to be dedicated to stories from the family about their travels, new projects, new adventures, and everything in between. It is going to be our hands on outlet to reach our amazing community and keep you informed on what's new, what's coming, the stories behind them and more importantly, the people behind them.

Thank you again for joining us!


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