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Ringing in 2019 in Caye Caulker!

Happy New Year - Rhonda

Sitting in the office today looking out into the parking lot at the sunshine, it's easy to forget how cold it was a week or so ago! ... For me, anyway.

For Ron, Rhonda, Max and some of our amazing staff - they returned just as the cold snap hit. Shifting from 30+ degree weather in Caye Caulker, Belize (and Guatemala) to our homey Winter Wonderland. They've been doing great at not complaining though .... or rubbing it in... haha

So what was everyone doing?

* First; before anyone feels bad for me - I love retreating to my island called My Couch during the off season. I've ventured to Caye Caulker before and it was lovely! Whether I read a book there, or home in my onesie, I'm happy.

Now back to the sun kissed toes of my teammates, haha!

The Gallery closes on December 24th at 5pm! (Happy belated holidays!) and shortly there after, it is a free for all to enjoy our vacation time! This year, Ron, Rhonda, Max, Liam, John, Josh, and Keegan all headed down to the house in Caye Caulker for fun in the sun!

Ron and staff at Ruins in Guatemala

The island is always such an amazing place to go, it's only about 4km long but has everything you need! The nightlife is bustling but contained and always a good time. If you're walking along the beach, you'll run into Ron and Rhonda's house, which has the Primitive Designs personal bar usually filled with the laughter of friends both old and new. The boys enjoyed snorkeling, spear fishing - and regular fishing for the more tame - swimming, adventuring and let's not forget the FOOD. Tacos for breakfast? Hello!

New Year's came and went, and Ron and the staff ran over to Guatemala for a few days to explore. There are tons of amazing pictures! It's so hard to decide which ones to share. The experiences are unlike any other, as these areas are a huge part of Ron, Rhonda and Max's lives. Their home away from home. Being able to travel, interact, and explore like a local makes a huge difference. And because of how interactive they are on Caye Caulker (where their home is) with charity, community involvement and the like - everyone is very friendly and knows that Primitive Designs has come to visit!

Just like at home; Ron is always looking for something new and exciting to build and expand on! This year, he added a beautiful thatch bodega for additional visitors. Complete with bunk beds and an ocean view! It turned out so beautiful, and the sentiment of "the more the merrier" is what makes this island home so welcoming to everyone. Check it out!

Rhonda posing at the new bodega

The tree you see on the right - with conch shells - is the Cook-Dacey family Christmas Tree!

Though everyone is home now and starting to lose their tans, we're so excited to be prepping for a new season at Primitive Designs! We work and play together and always enjoy our time away, but love finding new and exciting things each and every year.

Check out a few more pictures below, and think warm thoughts!

We'll be seeing you soon!

- M

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