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Where's Rhonda?

1/3 of the owner's of Primitive Designs has been away for 6 weeks! Rhonda has been travelling the globe picking and designing new pieces (from art to clothing and jewelry to furniture and more) and will be getting home next week!

So where has she been?

Rhonda took off and travelled to one of her favourite places on Earth, Nepal. Rooted in spirituality and love, Nepal is somewhere Rhonda always loves to go, not just for the amazing felt products we get from artisans in the villages, but just to recoup and reconnect with herself. Love our knitted mittens, socks, and scarves? They come from Nepal! Singing bowls, bells and crystals? Nepal!

Next stop was Thailand, where so many of our gorgeous and unique clothes and jewelry come from! Rhonda goes all through different villages, but as a tourist I can tell you that Bangkok was one of my favourite places to visit. Hustle and bustle, unique items, GREAT FOOD, and an awesome night life. Even though I don't drink it was one of my favourite things to sit at the local bars and karaoke spots and just people watch. She's updated me with promises of lot's of new styles of pants, restocks of favourites, and a few other surprises. I love it!

After a stop in Thailand it's over to some islands: Bali, Java, Sumatra... just to name a few. Rhonda bops around to villages on her motorbike and meets with all the families in the village, old friends, and makes new ones. In Bali there is a giant volcano called Mount Agung which is threatening to erupt for the first time in 50 years. Rhonda is keeping a safe distance and keeping us updated as she gets ready to make the stops it takes to get back home, but the rumbles of the eruption tremors are a reminder to stay vigilante and remember that nature is beautiful and unpredictable. We know that all too well on this side of the globe, too!

Rhonda stays in touch regularly and sends me fun photos and updates from all our friends (I've had the pleasure of travelling to these places too and meeting tons of people!)

So that means new stock will be arriving shortly behind her! As one comes home, there's a pause, and another ships off! Ron will be off and running soon enough to continue on planning (yes I know it's early) for our opener for next season. Always prepared! Always growing!

Until next time!


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