Tiki Bars & Thatching

Bring an island flair to your own little paradise!
Primitive Designs' bamboo and hand-carved Tiki Bars, Tiki Huts, and more are an exotic addition to any backyard or cottage
We also sell thatching for your custom Tiki Bar roof designs, duck blinds, decoration around the pool or for a party!
Sections come in 9ft x 3ft sheets starting at $16.95 each - looking for a bulk order? Ask for pricing!

Dimension and prices coming soon.

2762 County Rd, 28 Port Hope, Ont., Canada L1A 3V6 (Hwy exit 464)

Due to high product turnover, some of the products shown, may not be available.  Please contact the shop or stop in to see the most current selection. 

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All of our products are hand-made, therefore colour, size & style can vary. Due to these reasons, we do not offer online shopping.


Please come by the shop to see the most current collection!